Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Definitive Guide to Evolver

I wrote this user guide for the Dave Smith Instruments Evolver.


A-Set said...

And this is a great guide indeed! I've seen your post on DSI list and I'm one of those that would gladly buy a new version of it! :)

Alba Ecstasy said...

Your Evolver's guide is the best guide that I [ne]ever read :))
It is the first time when reading a manual is a pleasure and also a clear source of [en]light[ment] when we are talking about synthesizers and using them. You did a very good work, and I insisted to find you via internet and to tell you this. I still read your Evolver's guide [I recently bought an Evolver DSI desktop] and it helped me a lot to use it as I intended :). It is a powerful synth, with a lot of features and possibilities, and through your guide I can really do a lot of sounds and sequences.
So, thank you for your time, to share with as your work!
Alba Ecstasy []

Unknown said...

Thank you! You did a fantastic job compiling your DSI evolver guide book. Even though its early days for me in the DSI world or even Synth world for that matter. It is helping me understand the basics and is getting me very excited in purchasing an evolver and using it to a manner in how it should be.

You should realy be charging for this information, Its GOLD!

Easy :-)

Miguel said...

Thanks for the guide! I'm getting into synths via the Evolver and looks like a good starting point. Anyway, I think I have some problems w/the exercises. I guess the basic patch is wrong, because when I modify it I don't get any string or brass sound (very far from it) for example in the firsts exercises. It's just like bleeps. Is it possible to get the template's zip file the guide talks about?

bombu said...

Great job Anu, im reading your evolver guide and i am loving it. I have a question, I was not able to find the zip file with the vanilla patch on carbon11, it is possible to get it somewhere? or i'm so dumb that i am not able to find it on the site? :)

keep it up and a *BIG* "thank you" for your effort!