Thursday, August 08, 2019

Game Over

After 4 years working on PlayStation, my time there has come to an end.

PlayStation was a remarkably humane workplace, and I was fortunate to be there for 3 years working on music services and 4 more on PlayStation. It was full of all sorts of challenge. I traveled the world and met some great people. I am particularly proud of launching PlayStation VR, an unusual, world-changing, first-generation product: the sort of thing I love.

My colleagues at PlayStation are the most fun team I have worked with. Hardcore gamers. Comic fans. Otaku. Full of heart, soul, and passion. They have more toys on their desks than most kids I know have at home, and created an environment whose creativity and excitement remind me of when I used to visit my aunt's advertising agencies. I even got to work with someone who was on the original Atari 2600 team, which connects me all the way back to how I got started gaming in the first place.

I will miss seeing my friends there every day, but I look forward to seeing them outside of the office in a non-professional setting more.

Like the last time this happened, I am ready to take a break for a bit and think about new opportunities. I have a few personal projects I hope to work on, including making some new music, working on a book or two, and visiting some friends.

The last word goes to the late, great Bill Paxton...


Greatness awaits.