Monday, August 13, 2007

Reminder: "News" = Entertainment

I'm guessing that the news has been primarily entertainment as long as anyone has been making money at it. Some may argue the turning point was color television, or perhaps Rupert Murdoch.

Whenever it happened doesn't really matter. I just want to remind everyone: It's just more entertainment.

For some folks, that means the cinema vérité of hardcore indie outlets. For others, the McNews provided by USA Today, better known as the fresh doormat provided at business hotels worldwide.

Today's evidence: This great article that says "It doesn't pay to be smart". This is a classic bit of hackery: Find a goofy study, write a screaming headline. This story focuses on something from Intelligence. In this amazing bit of research and journalism, you'll learn that:
  • "It is still not well understood why some people are rich and others are poor,"
  • "Being more intelligent does not confer any advantage along two of the three key dimensions of financial success (income, net worth and financial distress),"
...and much more, right after this message from our sponsors!
I hear he's writing a big follow-up - "EXTRA! Being smart may not lead to happiness!"

Also, I heard FOX is working on a scoop: The sky is blue and the sun is probably coming up tomorrow!