Monday, August 24, 2009

Rhapsody for iPhone

The news broke today. Rhapsody submitted their iPhone app today ("Rhapsody for iPhone").

This was my final project for Rhapsody. I am proud to have been a part of it. We had a very small team (myself, a designer, a developer, and a QA person) and a short time frame.

Rhapsody on iPhone from Jamie on Vimeo.

(Those are my hands in the video!)

This was a fun, challenging project and a great way to end my time at Rhapsody.


Pedro said...

Looks neat. I've been doing a little bit of iPhone dev myself lately, as time allows. Curious about one thing. Since only one app can be running at a time, when the app gets swapped out, does it save the current view and position in a song being played? If you get a call does the app go back to the right spot after the call is complete.

Anu said...

There is a preference setting that allows you to decide whether it will automatically resume playback on return or require you to restart.

It uses a play queue, so it always retains what you were listening to, with a minor exception for Rhapsody radio.