Monday, January 31, 2011

A Brief History of the Music Business: Video Talk

A talk I gave at Loyola University on the history of the music business is now available online here.

It's about an hour long and is a distillation of a number of things I've talked about over the last few years.

(Note that I am incorrectly identified as the "co-founder of Rhapsody Music". While I was the product manager and wrote the initial business plan, I was neither a founder of (where the product and technology were born) nor a founder of (which launched Rhapsody 1.0).)

UPDATED: The last, important thing? "WEAR YOUR EARPLUGS." (And disabled the auto-start...sorry about that!)

1 comment:

Trott said...

I like how the sound cuts out for good right after you tell everyone to wear ear plugs. (Or is my computer wonky?)

Anyway, awesome and engaging talk!