Monday, July 06, 2015

LA History: L.A.

Lance Porter was a well-known drummer for a number of projects, including the Ex-Idols (featuring the late Gary Finneran) and Jane Wiedlin's FroSTed. I knew Lance through the by-now familiar and complicated web of L.A. music scene connections (among other things, Lance ended up joining a band called GORDON, featuring two members of Dashboard Prophets).

In 1999, Lance called me up. He'd heard I was recording people and told me he had some songs he wanted to get down. As always, I said "Sure, c'mon over, let's hear what you've got."

It was fun and easy to work with Lance, as he was open to trying anything, and surprisingly competent on a large range of instruments. I did the programming and bass, in addition to recording and producing. Lance did the rest. The results remind me of a nice spring day. We deliberately left the door to the studio open, hoping to capture the sounds and vibe of the beautiful L.A. weather.

Our names -- Lance and Anu -- led us to call the project "L.A.".

We did 3 tracks, all surprisingly poppy and weird, sort of Flaming Lips-y. Lance wanted something unusual, and I was all too happy to oblige. Weird is my favorite!

This was the first song we did, and my favorite. Lance was really excited about having this dispassionate reading from Darwin's "On the Origin of Species".

This is definitely one of the odder things I worked on, and we had no real ambitions of playing live or finishing an album. We mostly just wanted to have fun. Success!

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