Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Sound of Silence

I have not been writing much here, as a glance at the past posts widget will tell you.

Since exiting the digital music business, I haven't felt a need to write much about it. From my perspective, not much has changed, and there's no new insights to be proffered. Some big artists withhold their new albums. Some do windowed releases. Some add or re-add their catalog. Services go out of business. Every service is still struggling, except for the ones part of big giant public companies, who are happy to fund them as part of deeper and longer strategies.

My current employer is not fond of employees commenting publicly at all, even when they are acting as private citizens or not in official capacity. As a result, I have not (and likely will not) blogged about virtual reality, augmented reality, or any other related technology.

Bigger picture, the current state of politics, debate, and discussion is so debased, I feel that it is all but impossible to have any real conversation around issues of substance. Facebook is filled with garbage of various flavors. People on the right are not going to change their minds. People on the left tell me they are exhausted and don't need to hear from people like me. I don't need to contribute to the outrage culture.

I have used my writing as an outlet for my creativity, but other projects have been consuming that as well.

I hope to get back to writing, at least for my own self.

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Erin said...

Good to read you, nonetheless. Things'll come when they come. Hope you're doing well!