Monday, August 10, 2020

My New Job

Today I start a new job: Vice President of Product for Osso VR.

Osso VR uses virtual reality to train surgeons. I have commented previously about the incredible potential of modern technological tools. I am excited to apply these tools in such a clearly positive way.

This job is a new direction for me. Rather than digital entertainment, I am effectively working in the medical sector. My own recent experiences with the health care system in the United States, coupled with a desire to have more tangible positive impact in the world, led me here. 

Some of my friends who are doctors also inspired me to consider this line of work: Andrea, David, Tina, Velouette, and particularly Sue.

Given the current state of the world, helping people be healthier seems like a good thing to do, and a fitting use of my time and skills.

This job is also a return to start-ups, after a long time working for a big Fortune 500 company. I am excited about having a more hands-on role and working with a small group of smart, motivated people.

As expected, I got this job through a personal introduction, via my friend Cindy, in whose debt I remain.

I would also like to express my thanks to my friends who provided support, advice, and wisdom, particularly Iran, Jeff, Janin, Maryann, Patricia, Thomas, and JP.

A special thank you to Kelli Richards for her advice as a trusted advisor and thought partner.

You can see founder and CEO Justin Barad talking about Osso VR in this TedX talk:

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