Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Day 2

Today we talked about early musical technology, Bach, Wagner, Debussy.

I have a few great students who are really thinking and talking. I have one or two who are disturbingly quiet (as in "saying nothing"). The rest of the class is a good distribution in-between.

Trying hard to keep things varied and interesting in class - the first few days are difficult because there's so much to learn before you can get to the more interesting stuff. Oh well.

Some days I feel like a bad teacher. Today is one of them. I even misread a schedule and missed a lunch duty I needed to do.

It's been hot today - over 90. The cool weather of the last few days is unfortunately gone, and the forecast says "hot, until the weekend when it's hot and rainy".

Can't complain. I miss my wife. Work seems to be doing OK without me, too.

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