Thursday, July 13, 2006


The heat is oppressive.

Yesterday was a great teaching day, though we got a little behind. This resulted in my having to stay to teach evening session. We covered Expressionism, and this ended up being rather suitable, since it meant they saw all the creepy stuff as it was getting dark.

I also went for a run with one of the other teaching assistants - this 19 year-old kid with long, long legs. He ran like a gazelle. I couldn't keep up with him, and he had to slow down frequently so the old man could catch up and/or catch his breath. Ah well. At least I got out there in the heat.

Of course, my feet are paying the price. Having grown accustomed to sitting all day, suddenly changing to standing, walking, and running around a classroom 6-7 hours a day plus all the walking across campus has left my feet rather sore the last couple of days. The above-mentioned run didn't help much.

The food here has gotten much better, and I've been eating both healthy and well. Forecast says rain, hope this will cool things down a bit.

As for the students...well, when they try, they can do great things. Sometimes it's tough to get them to try. For the most part they seem interested in what's going on, and the class is moving along very quickly. I don't know if I could keep up were I in their shoes.

I feel like I've done some really good things in terms of presenting the material, however, and this makes me happy. Even if they're not totally getting it, I know they're getting it better/more than kids in previous years.

I'm also very tired.

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