Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Famous Friend Jeff Macke

In college I was a DJ on Dartmouth's NBC-affiliate radio stations. My first show I paired up with another Freshman - Jeff Macke. We did a crazy/awful thing called "The Party Show" and broke all kinds of rules and go in all kinds of trouble. Back in those days, this drove me crazy.

I'm in New York, at the W. It's about 25 degrees outside and snowing. So I'm doing cardio on the elliptical machine. At the W they all have these little TVs-on-a-stick in front of them. Mine is off. But the one next to me had this MSNBC show on called "Fast Money". I glanced over at it and nearly fell off my treadmill.

Jeff Macke is now a TV star. He does financial commentary. Jeff also used to run a successful hedge fund, which he eventually shut down because he realized hedge funds are bad deals for the customer.

Jeff was always a very kind and thoughtful guy. Glad to see he's doing so well.

I knew Jake Tapper, too. He used to draw cartoons for the school newspaper.


isaacjosephson said...

I work with Tapper now.

Unknown said...

Hi Anu!

It was great to see you again & to meet your beautiful bride. I has been way too long.

Talking to people at the reunion was way too short. It was like a wedding where everyone was the bride & groom, able to devote only a couple of minutes to talk with every person who is important to them.

Drop me a line sometime. I'm on the internets ;)

jeff Macke said...


I had a network person link me to this and ask if me I had any airtapes. Not only do I not have any; I'm pretty sure the "tape" technology is entirely dead.

Anyway, I'm only basic-cable famous (read: "known" enough to make you paranoid in public but never comped for anything) but I am your friend.

Is there a better email to get a hold of you? ("Basic cable famous" also means I get too many emails a day telling me hateful things about my opinions to put my email on the internet).

Anu said...

Oh, Jeff (or Jeff's people) - you can reach me at anukirk (at)!