Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 In Review

2007 was a tough but rewarding year. As I think back over all that happened, a few events in particular stand out:
  1. Leg problems. 2007 saw the rise of my various issues with my left leg. Not sure whether they were related to my sudden increase in activity towards the end of 2006, but if nothing else 2007 will be remembered as the year my leg started twitching.
  2. Fitness backsliding. In February, I weighed about 172. Now I weigh about 182. Some of this is due to not being able to work out because of leg problems (see above).
  3. Decayed, Decayed. I completed the RPM challenge and made a hip-hop-esque record.
  4. Work. Life at Rhapsody continued to be challenging, frustrating, and rewarding.
  5. Travel. Because of work I was in a different city almost every month. Last year saw multiple trips to Seattle, New York, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Washington, DC and even Seoul, Korea. I flew many different airlines, stayed at many different hotels and managed to not get badly delayed at all. I became a professional business traveler.
2007 also saw fewer gigs by my friends The Pants as they struggled with busy schedules, new jobs, personal issues, and adjusted to 2 new band members. I played several memorable gigs with Palace Family Steak House, assisting in their "district-by-district" scheme and armed with a fantastically heavy Gibson Artist RD on permanent loan from the Adam Tober Rare Guitars collection.

I also found myself completely burnt out about world events. I am beyond outraged and upset. Also completely powerless. The election process in the USA bores me to death when it isn't depressing me. This year I donated more money to worthwhile causes than in previous years - a reflection of a modest increase in my income and a desire to make the world better (presumably by throwing money at it). I also decided to stop giving money to Dartmouth, which neither needs nor deserves it at this point.

Not a bad year. Not the best one. I have nothing to complain about.

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