Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everything is Amazing and No One is Happy

Much as I like to avoid the SLYT (single-link YouTube) post, this bit by Louis CK from Conan is worth it. In short, we live in an age of wonder and we are unappreciative:

I have to admit I am probably as guilty of this as anyone. I think as technology advances, our expectations rise as well. At this point, so much is possible that we all start to assume that anything is possible, and damn it, it should be fast and free, too.

I will refrain from old fogeying up the joint with a list of "when I was a kid..." comparisons. I will resolve to marvel at the world I live in at least for today, instead of grinding my teeth because my portable supercomputer takes a few minutes to boot up and load 5 office programs simultaneously.

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