Monday, July 17, 2006

Order and Disorder

A good day in class! Started off what was known as "Mopey Monday" in truly mopey fashion by giving the students a very hard pop quiz. Some were quite upset. I haven't had time to read them yet.

We did "Jumping Dance" to get into a more learning-friendly mental state and then started talking about Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, and Anton Webern - the serialist/12-tone composers. This is typically one of the best days for me - seeing the students "get" what 12-tone is about and how much fun it can be to compose is incredibly satisfying. Also, once the students start composing, the whole class takes on a different tone. Today did not disappoint!

We also discussed John Cage, his silence piece, and prepared piano. The students like that.

I am thrilled with one student in particular. Unlike past classes, most of the students this time have had some music experience and read music. Two don't. One of these two has really taken to this stuff and is really working hard. It's exciting to see someone want to learn so much!

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Peter said...

I have once again uncovered the still not returned drum machine. After dealing with the initial shock and shame that after all this damn time I still haven't returned the little beasty, I came looking for ya. Of course at this point it's probably a museum piece...

Anyway, drop me a line at pafriend at if you still want it. I'm gonna go stick my head back in the sand. :-)