Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009's Greatest Hits

Here's my 12 greatest hits of 2009.
  1. January - My 2009 started with a trip back to Dartmouth for a music symposium and celebration of composer Jon Appleton. An incredible time, and I wish there was going to be another one in 2010!
  2. February - I created "Overcast" for the RPM challenge. I'm still quite happy with it.
  3. March - Saw my brother play a great loud rock show with Farflung at Bottom Of The Hill.
  4. April - Spent a week relaxing in Hawaii with my lovely wife.
  5. May - Was flattered when Dave Allen featured a cover of Shriekback's "Faded Flowers" on his music blog. Dave's been a key part of two bands that were major influences on my musical development.
  6. June - Attended the SFMusicTech conference and got to know some great new friends.
  7. July - I turned 40 and had an incredible birthday party.
  8. August - I got laid off from Rhapsody shortly after completing their iPhone app.
  9. September - Took a bit of time off, smelled the roses, slept in, worked out. Realized "Lost" is awesome.
  10. October - Fielded many, many interesting job offers and interviews while starting some consulting work.
  11. November - Worked extensively on 2 interesting new jobs.
  12. December - Had a great Christmas day get-together with friends and family and spent a fun New Year's Eve at Smuggler's Cove.
I have many resolutions for 2010 and look forward to the next decade, which my friends have christened "The Ten".

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