Monday, February 28, 2011

RPM 2011: The Finish Line

Day 28 - 7 Songs, 37 minutes

It's done. RPM 2011: "The Ghost Town".

  1. The Empty Sky
  2. For the Love of Mary Lee
  3. Tumbleweed
  4. Interstate Wasteland
  5. The Ghost Town
  6. What The Wire Said
  7. The Crossing

Total running time: 35:56

That's not the cover image, that's a picture of my cowboy boots, used for my "method recording" technique.

CD mailed off to RPM Challenge today at lunch. As per usual, there will likely be some minor tweaks to mixes and mastering, but the record is, for all intents and purposes, done.

I will have an "official" release once I have cover art.

My 2010 album "Reflection" will also be officially released soon, as the cover art for that is taking a bit longer than planned - but it is so totally worth the wait!


Trott said...

Congratulations! Another year, another album. Well done!

Shakki said...

Can't wait to hear what you did this year!


your boots rule.