Sunday, February 06, 2011

RPM 2011: Week 1

I will be posting some short notes each week about my work on RPM 2011...

Day 1
Fought with Cubase. Couldn't get the metronome working in Cubase 5.52. Still got a skeleton track down. Many pages of notes about what to make this year.
Also realized I didn't have the 1.0.2 version of ValhallaShimmer - important because 1.0.1 didn't support presets!

Beginning track is the first idea that came into my head, currently just a verse/chorus outline.

Day 2
Cubase 6 arrives. Installed. Normally I would never upgrade software in the middle of a critical project, but these can be run side-by-side. Fortunately so far it is way better than 5.52.

More guitars. Song stretched from initial ABCD structure to a more fleshed out IABCD_ABCDDDD type-thing. Started on lyrics.

Feeling extremely tired again, so this is about as much as I can accomplish, other than working on some notes in the notebook.

Day 3
Lyrics for first song finished. Not much done today other than sharpening melodies on the commute - I have to be at work extra early (8 am) and will be staying extra late (leaving after 8 pm). TIRED.

Day 4
Vocals put down in early morning before going off to work.

Can't do much else because of work and tickets to see The Church play 3 classic albums at a nice small venue. TIRED.

On the motorcycle ride over to the show, I start singing some parts for other songs. Hope I remember them.

First song is probably going to be around 4:30. Not a bad start.

Day 5
Pushed a bit further on track 1 (working title: "The Empty Sky"). Burned most of the day having a nice visit with a friend (plus two hours of driving and errands).

After dinner I started a new track ("What The Wire Said"). I am intending for this to be a long epic, but I only have time and patience to sketch it out.

Day 6
Today after a typical late Sunday morning, I expanded on last night's track, building it up to about 5 minutes. I have a long punch list for both tracks so far, and need to keep making progress overall.

Went out for a run and thought about another song. Wrote some words and a melody in my head. Got back and picked out some nice chords on guitar.

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